Now Journaling

This site is an ongoing experiment in how web tech can support my music learning activities, both for myself and with a remote tutor. Some things are working really well, others not so well, a few will be better after a few tweaks.

One very useful learning tool is the keeping of a Journal but my use of a single and regularly updated Daily Practice wasn't working so well in that respect. It loses the ability to track progress and look back to see previous thoughts. Though technically, I could process the version history of the page, that seems like too much effort to be honest.

So I'm switching back to regular posts in the typical blog style but uses as a journal. I'll post at least every week after my lesson with a plan of activities. I might also try everyday day as that would let me track streaks for extra motivation. However, publishing posts is still a technical, left brained activity involving a code editor and deployment which I'd rather avoid. Eventually, as a solution, I might add integrated editing facilities

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